EV Driver provide electric vehicle charge point solutions for Home, Workplace, and Commercial, enabling you:

as an individual to charge your vehicle(s) at home, at work, or at public charge points at your destination;

or as a business to provide charging for your employees’ vehicles, for your electric vehicle fleet, or to your customers or members of the public visiting your business.


Charging your EV

We have charging points available across East Anglia, easily accessible through our app or a RFID key fob, so charging your EV could not be easier.

You can find one of our charge points through our mobile app and charge immediately on site.

Information available on how to charge, and how to pay.


Getting a Charge Point installed

You can get the whole thing done with us, hassle free. A service you can count on.


How can we help you?

Are you looking for help or advice?

Interested in setting up your own revenue-generating charge point network?

With years of EV charging and green thinking behind us, we can offer you our knowledge with personalised consultancy available.


We’ve been supported by the Small Grant Scheme, which has enabled us to lower our carbon footprint, raised productivity levels due to improved specification of IT equipment, and given us the ability to travel further afield to see more customers due to the increased range available in the newer 30kW Nissan Leaf.

New Anglia Small Grant Scheme

New Anglia Small Grant Scheme

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EV Driver's Privacy Policy

We're up to date, compliant and keeping your data safe.

You can download and read our privacy policy by clicking on the PDF icon, or give us a call if you have any questions.