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How it Works - Smart Phone

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Find a charger

Go to on your phone. Either you are at a charger or you need to find that charger, or  you are planning your route. The map will show those near you, or you can use the search icon to search the area you need.

Once you have found a suitable charging station select the icon shown. If the station is available to use the icon will feature a green tick icon, however if unavailable it will show a red cross. 


Starting to charge

Click the icon and details about the station will appear as well as the option to start charging your car from it.

If you are happy it is the correct station and supports your charge type click 'Charge here' as shown on the phone here...    

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Choosing charge type

Next choose the charge type that suits your car offered by the chosen station and click on the 'charge' button.

The circular 'i' icon in the top right gives more information on the selected station to help inform your choice.


New Customers

If you have an EV Driver account simply press 'Start Charging' and enter your details. If you do not have an account create one by selecting 'New Customer'. and following the instructions. 

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Ready to Log in

Once your account is created you will be taken to this first page, where you then select 'Log in'.

Here add your new log in details and click the button.

If you have forgotten your password there is an option to change it. 


Showing your account

When you see this screen you are ready to start charging. Simply press the 'Start Charging' button to begin the process.  

Once the charging icon is initiating connect the electric plug to your car.

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Adding a shortcut to your home screen

To add a shortcut to the EV Driver Map on your phone press the share icon on the bottom of the browser then swipe across to the  'Add to Home Screen' button.   


Showing on the home screen

You have the option to name the shortcut. When you are happy with the name press add.  

The EV Driver icon should now appear in your phone's home screen, allowing you to easily go the website in one click. 

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Phone variations

If you cannot find the add to home screen on your phone you can always bookmark the page to revisit easily each charge.

Check your bookmarks or favourites to see the new link there.

How long does it take?

This will depend on the size of your on-board charger and the type of charge unit, most of our AC units are 22kw dual sockets and the DC rapid chargers are 50kw. So if your car can charge at 22kw AC it will take 1 hour to gain 22kw*.

*This will depend on the state of charge of your car at the time. More detailed  information regarding charge rates of cars can be found at ZapMap’s very informative site.

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