Bringing EV Charging to You

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Get a home charge unit?

We also supply and install home charge units under the OLEV scheme, to ensure you are always fully charged.

Have a look at our range of home chargers, starting from £350, here.

EV Charging For All Types of Business

With the number of EV's growing rapidly, now is the perfect time to install EV charging points at your business. The cost for our smart and fast charging stations will be considerably less than you think, as we have access to all of the main grant schemes that are currently being offered to businesses both big and small.

Have a look at our range of workplace chargers, starting from £700, here.

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Become Part of the Network with Our Commercial Charging Points


Alongside providing home and workplace charging units, we also provide public chargers that connect you to our Network and put your business on the map. By opting to have a commercial charge point at your business you will earn income through selling electricity and become part of an ever growing, greener future. 

Starting from £1000, please contact us to learn more about our full range of commercial charge points. 

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The EV Network

EV Driver's highly experienced team have not reinvented the wheel, they have simply combined the best products on the market with the smartest software system to create a truly superior network.

EV Driver is building a robust Europe-wide network with its carefully selected technologies.

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Purchase Options

You may choose to buy outright, lease or host an EV Driver charge unit.

Let us help you find the best solution for your business.

Calculate your savings

Thanks to GoUltraLow there is now a calculator available to help you figure out how much you could save by switching to an EV.



Revenue Streams

Subscription based mobile payments allow us to tailor-make a payment solution to suit your company's needs. This could be a combination of a connection charge or a per KW charge. 

Smart software enables the charge point owner to set a wide range of tariffs to accomodate any driver or business profile.

Support & Reliability

24/7 monitoring

All EV driver charge points are continuously monitored 24/7. Most maintenance issues are resolved remotely with a dedicated service team if required.

Business Clients

 Business Clients

All EV Driver Business Clients will have direct contact and a responsible person for their technical enquiries. It is in our interest to resolve any issues as soon as possible. A failed charge point is lost revenue.

Driver support


For the driver, our charge points are supported by a 24/7/365 manned telephone help desk.

Contact us today and we can chat through your requirements or answer any questions you may have!

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