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Electric Vehicle Charging
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EVDriver specialise in the installation, support and management of Electric Vehicle Charge Points.

Your Sector?

Hotels - Garages - Garden Centres - Shopping Centres - Farm Shops … to name a few.


Attract new customers to your store.

With data capture you can promote your offers and give you the edge over your competitors.


With average charge times of between 30mins and 2hrs.

Put your business on the EV map and get customers to stay that little bit longer.


SAVE - Employees can save approx £1,000 in fuel costs annually. 

REDUCE - Benefit in kind tax can be reduced by over 80% for company cars. 

ACHIEVE- switching to a green fleet will help you reduce CO2 emissions and reach CSR goals.



EV Driver offer the highest quality charge units and a tried and tested cloud based software.

Our charging Stations have been tested with every electric car. 

3 year warranties with SLA gives you peace of mind.

What's it all about?

10 million electric cars are expected to be in the world by the end of 2020. These need to be charged at home, at work and any destination. 

Get your business on the map. EV drivers plan their route by using the charge maps, they will find you ... or your competitor.


Why be a Host?

You don’t need to be Shell or BP to start your own service station.   Why not offer your customers the chance to refuel when shopping - dining - playing.

  • Revenue generation

  • Increased time on premises

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Business promotion



Who are we?

We believe that collaboration is key and work with the best products and secure, proven IT solutions. We bring these innovative technologies together and combine them with our highly experienced team of electricians. We understand our business and provide unrivalled customer service.


24/7 Support for your EV Customers

All EV Driver Business Clients will have direct contact and a responsible person for their technical enquiries. EV Driver Charge Points are designed to be reliable and maintenance free but, if any issues are encountered It is in our interest to resolve them as soon as possible. A failed charge point is lost revenue.