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Travel across Europe on the same network. Find, charge and plan your route.

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Profile, statistics, charging history and receipts.


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How do I pay ?

Once registered your account will be debited only when you charge 

Register your details at  or through the portal a secure and protected payment service. Just log in and enter your payment preference so you are set up to go. We recommend using FireFox as the browser.

The EV Driver web app also shows the nearest available charging stations, cost of charge and type.

Purchase an EV Driver RFID Fob

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If you prefer to use RFID you can order one of our very handy key fobs - give us a call on 01394 799 799 and pay over the phone or use PayPal button below. Please note, you must be registered on the EV Driver newtork with a payment method in place in order for an RFID fob to programmed accordingly.

Only £8 each

How do I charge using my Smart Phone?

Follow our step by step guide here:

Iphone Mockup_7.png

How do I find charge points?

Go to on your phone. Either you are at a charger or you need to find that charger, or  you are planning your route. The map will show those near you, or you can use the search icon to search the area you need.

Once you have found a suitable charging station select the icon shown. If the station is available to use the icon will feature a green tick icon, however if unavailable it will show a red cross. 


How to charge my car?

Just plug in the lead to your car and the charge unit, then follow easy steps to charge by holding your key fob where directed or following the instructions on your phone.

If you have any issues do call the 24/7 customer helpline and they would be happy to help you.

Charge my car

How long does it take?

This will depend on the size of your on-board charger and the type of charge unit, most of our AC units are 22kw dual sockets and the DC rapid chargers are 50kw. So if your car can charge at 22kw AC it will take 1 hour to gain 22kw*.

*This will depend on the state of charge of your car at the time. More detailed  information regarding charge rates of cars can be found at ZapMap’s very informative site.

Tesla Charging

Get a home charge unit?

We also supply and install home and workplace charge units under the OLEV scheme, to ensure you are always fully charged.

Call us on 01394 799 799 to find out more.

The EV Network

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EV Driver's highly experienced team have not reinvented the wheel, we have combined the best products on the market with the smartest software system to create a truly superior network.

EV Driver is building a robust Europe wide-network with its carefully selected technologies.