Who is EVDriver?

Why us?

We understand that collaboration is the key.

We have taken the best products and secure proven IT solutions and combined this with our highly experienced team of electricians. We understand our business and provide unrivalled customer service.


Our Ethos

EV Driver is committed to cutting CO2 by building a network of Electric Vehicle Charging Points across the UK using the most reliable DC and AC charge units, combined with a cloud based back office system that complies with the industry's highest standards. 



The team behind EV Driver has run a very successful renewable energy business for over 9 years and our passion for the environment and CO2 reduction has led to the creation of this new business.

EV Driver benefits from our knowledge and expertise gained over this time. 


Education is Key

The EV trend is growing rapidly and the industry it is transforming is an age old beast - transport. We feel that helping the general public keep up to speed with what the latest is, is an essential part to the development of the EV industry and ultimately, the transport industry.