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The Network that just keeps on growing! 🌱
Have you noticed any more charge points pop up on the EV Driver Network lately? That might be because, as well as partnering with Alfa Power, we have now also partnered with Franklin Energy and PlugNGoEV. This means you've got access to all of our combined charging points, which we think is pretty cool! So remember -

If it's on the map, you can tap! 

We’re moving!

Easter is almost here and with it we’re starting to say goodbye to our Melton office. But don’t worry - we aren’t moving too far! In fact, it’s only a walk away. Our new office space will be in 9 Deben Mill Business Centre, Old Maltings approach, Woodbridge, IP12 1BL. We will be moving in on the 1st of May, so come and say ‘Hi’! We’re sad to be leaving Honey & Harvey and the delicious coffee behind, but we’re leaving our charger here, so we’ll be sure to be back. Happy Easter!

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We’ve got some exciting news for all you EV drivers out there! We have partnered with Alfa Power, so you can get charging with your EV Driver RFID Fob anywhere. Ok, maybe not anywhere…. but almost! Our Network will now show up with all the charging stations across the country, at which you can charge using your key fob.

If it’s on the map, you can tap!

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We've been busy here at EV Driver in the past few weeks, with 2 new charging points being added to our network. These are located at the Suffolk Yacht Club in Levington and at the Lindsey Village Hall in Lindsey. Both of them are now live and ready for you to use! So, as the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, why not head down to the water and have a relaxing stroll along the riverside or delve into the midst of the countryside to explore St Peters Church and the surrounding area in Lindsey, all whilst your EV is charging.

Our friends from Spark+Volt completed Iceland’s famous ‘Route One’ ring road in an electric car, and now hope other tourists will follow suit. They managed the 828-mile round trip back to Iceland’s capital in six days. Read the full article here. (10/12/18)

UK couple in Iceland electric car first

Update on availability of OLEV grant funding

OLEV is committed to maintain the EVHS grant at £500 (capped at 75% of costs) until March 2019, or until 30,000 installations in 2018/19 have been supported, whichever is sooner. 2018/19 refers to the financial year which runs from April 2018 to March 2019.

 Due to the nature of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), the total number of installations carried out in a particular month is not available until the end of the following month. This is because installers can submit an application for an installation up until the end of the following month e.g. an application for an installation carried out in June can be submitted up until the end of July. 

 11,240 EVHS applications were submitted for processing in the first half of this financial year i.e. Q1 (Apr-May-Jun 2018) and Q2 (Jul-Aug-Sep 2018). The financial year runs from April 2018 to March 2019.

 To date, the monthly breakdown of applications received for processing for Q1 and Q2 is as follows:

 April 2018: 2,028 ; May 2018: 2,031 ; June 2018: 1,889 ; July 2018: 1,754 ; August 2018: 1,690 ; September 2018: 1,848 (26/11/18)

New car CO2 emissions hit highest point since 2013

The rise has been attributed to lower demand for diesel vehicles, transfer to petrol alternatives, and despite a spike in demand for electric vehicles, there aren’t yet enough as a total percentage of all vehicles sold. Read the full article here. (09/11/18)

UK Budget: EV charging station subsidy to remain

In the words of Chancellor Philip Hammond: “The UK government will keep offering subsidies for businesses that invest in electric vehicle charging points until March 2023.” Read the full article here. (31/10/18)

Real-world running costs of EVs revealed by “What Car?”

“One of the few remaining concerns for people considering an EV is range anxiety – the fear that their battery will run flat and leave them stranded. Real Range gives them the information they need to choose the right car for their needs…Tests…assess a car’s battery range under normal driving behaviour and also calculate the cost of fully charging the car.” Read more here. (01/11/18)

Shell to open electric vehicle charging points at UK petrol stations

Shell is opening a first wave of electric vehicle charging points at its UK petrol stations, in a sign of the far-reaching changes under way in the transport and oil sectors. Drivers will be able to recharge 80% of their battery in half an hour at forecourts in London, Surrey and Derby from this week, with a total of 10 service stations to be equipped with rapid chargers by the end of the year. Read more here. (18/10/18)

Plans for EV “superhub” in NW England

UK company Pivot Power is to build a £25m grid-scale battery that it says “will pave the way for an electric vehicle charging superhub” in northwest England. The company plans to locate the EV charging ‘superhub’ at a nearby site, which could offer rapid charging for up to 100 cars at once and be capable of supporting the fastest chargers… Read the full story here. (19/10/18)

UK needs six-fold increase in electric vehicle charging points by 2020, finds report

“It estimates there will be more than one million EVs on UK roads within two years, requiring 100,000 charging points. Currently there are just 16,500, according to the report from data company Emu Analytics.” Read the full story here. (22/05/18)

Diesel and petrol ban should come much faster, say MPs

“A ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars should be brought forward by eight years to 2032, MPs have said.

The government's current plans to ensure all new cars are "effectively zero emission" by 2040 were "vague and unambitious", a report by Parliament's business select committee said.

It also criticised cuts to subsidies and the lack of charging points… Read the full story here. (19/10/18)

“Open day enables visitors to plug in to the electric revolution”

Follow up to our hugely successful Electric Vehicle Experience Day on 4th October 2018. “A snapshot of where we are in the electric vehicle (EV) market in Suffolk was offered to visitors to an ‘Electric Vehicle Experience Day’ held at Bentwaters Parks, near Woodbridge earlier this month - an event that attracted around 500 people, and featured a number of local car dealerships and businesses offering EV-related services.” (18/10/18)