Oil could be dead with this killer combo!

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One of the biggest issues that EVs face today is their range. This is closely followed by their charging time or for the sake of comparison, their refuelling time is much longer than a traditional ICE vehicle. Just as a side note before we go on, the newest issue on the block is the cost of EVs but more on that in another post. We have at hand two critical aspects of transport itself, how far you can go and how quickly can you top up and keep going. Well, thanks to some interest in EVs shown by Mr Trump himself, there is now research showing the potential for batteries to last twice as long. On top of that awesome piece of news, the research also hints at charging time being greatly reduced. Putting the two together and you throw in the fact that you could actually do all your charging at home or at work, then you wield the killer combo to drown oil in its dirty emissions and leave it behind forever. 

CleanTechnica published an article expanding on all this research so head over here and have a read if you would like to know more.