Wool and the Gang are causing waves with their Eco-conscious Products

This unique clothing company that offers hand knitted clothing items and yarn, has just come up with a brand new type of yarn for all the knitting fiends out there! Eco-friendly products are on everybody’s minds lately, especially during the current climate crisis, with the most urgent call for change we have ever seen. Making a difference wherever possible is so important in the step towards a greener, healthier planet. This is why we’re quite excited to share Wool and the Gang’s Eco-conscious products – even though they don’t have much to do with EV charging…


New Wave Yarn

This is a type of yarn that is made from plastic bottles - stopping them littering our oceans and harming all of our sea friends, like turtles, fish, seals, whales… basically anything that is alive and kicking (or fin-ning) in the water. Each ball of yarn is made with 3 whole recycled plastic bottles. And best of all, this Eco-conscious decision makes for a great knitting experience with the additional knowledge of ‘this is great for my planet’. It’s available in 12 beautiful different colours - click here to check them out!

Guppyfriend Washing Bag

But Wool and the Gang don’t stop there! They also offer the Guppyfriend Washing Bag. This clever thing is a micro fibre filter solution that stops micro waste from being flushed out of your washing machine and into nature’s larger water bodies. During every wash, micro fibres in the clothing garment break and, because they are so ‘micro’, they travel straight out with the water into oceans and rivers. So every time you put a wash on, all you have to do is put your clothing into this bag and then in the machine. The bag does the rest, by catching the micro fibres inside the bag. It’s that simple to stop those pesky fibres from travelling too far. And what’s even better, the soft surface of the washing bag helps your clothes lose fewer fibres in the first place, which means that they last longer. Click here to get your very own Guppyfriend - it’s a total win win situation!


Written by Charlotte Dautzenberg