Save your Business £s the smart way

Would you like to test drive an Electric Vehicle on the runaway at Bentwaters Park (as used on Top Gear)?  Electric vehicles, with tax incentives, zero emissions and low running costs, are the future and need to be considered as part of a business strategy now.

EV Driver invite Finance Directors and business owners to Bentwaters Park on Thursday 13th October for an Electric Vehicle Event.  Everything you need to be know about switching to electric vehicles will be in one place.  During the day there will be presentations by industry experts such as Tesla, Nissan, FleetDrive and BDO tax experts. Alongside this there will be an exciting selection of Electric Vehicles to test drive on the runway.  Try out the latest models of a range of vehicles, including the new Tesla Model X.

EV Driver are building the charging network and are working with leading industry experts.  We install, manage and maintain the EV Driver network of electric vehicle charge points.

If your business is looking to:

      generate some extra revenue

      add to its CSR rating

      encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprint

Then join in this event and see how your business can benefit.

The day is free and will be split into two sessions – 10.00am-1.00pm and 1.00pm-4.00pm.  Lunch and networking between 12.00-2.00pm.  Please book you place here: