How to combat the rise in fuel prices

Fuel prices are set to rise by another 5p a litre before the end of the month due to the soaring cost of oil and the weak pound.  The RAC describe this as a 'double whammy' for drivers.  This has already led to an increase of £6.50 in the cost of filling up a typical family car. Petrol retailers also predict prices at the pumps will rise by another 5p/litre by the end of the month.

How can we keep our fuel costs down to combat these increases?  The easy answer is to try not to use our cars for unnecessary journeys, keep them well serviced and take out any weighty items that are not required in the car.

However, there is one solution that can make dramatic savings.  Electric vehicles!  These are now very viable with a network of charging points available.  What do electric cars offer in terms of savings?

·         Reduced fuel costs (60% less than current fuel prices)

·         Savings in maintenance and repair

·         No road tax or congestion charge

EV Driver (sister Company to East Green Energy) installs, manages and maintains electric charging points and is working closely with a number of companies to develop a further network of public car charging points.  These go a long way to ensuring longer journeys in electric vehicles become simple and easy for the driver.

If you would like to find out more about having a charging point installed, please visit our website or call the office on 01394 799799