Jaguar I-PACE


Over the past week Linda and Charlie have been all over the place attending the Vindis Electric Revolution event in Alconbury and then on to the Fully Charged Live show at the Silverstone race track. This was the perfect opportunity to try out a new electric ride and since we’ve been dreaming of the Jaguar I-PACE we tried our luck. So with a huge THANK YOU to Marshall Jaguar in Ipswich for making this a reality Linda and Charlie took off in the I-PACE and here’s what they thought in the form of pros and cons:



  • Acceleration
    Going from 0-60mph in only 4.5 seconds truly isn’t for the faint-hearted and we LOVED it! Incorporate the stiff steering and it almost feels like a race car.

  • Handling
    This car is so easily handled that you can go into sharp corners with confidence, even at higher (but safe) speeds. This makes for peace of mind especially when driving along country lanes, such as the Suffolk back-roads, where the ease of handling the vehicle is pretty important - especially when trying to navigate around tractors…

  • Infotainment System
    I mean… you’ve got everything you could possibly need at the tip of your fingers. This includes a 10” and 5” touchscreen, which provide navigation, online media, climate control (inc. seat heating!) and even a smartphone pack allowing you to interact with certain apps.

  • Cruise control
    Driving becomes even more of a breeze with the cruise control option, which includes a built in distance keeper!

  • Good Range
    Range anxiety becomes less of a problem with the I-PACE - with an approximate 200 mile range you can drive with peace of mind. We drove from Milton Keynes -> Shottisham -> Framlingham -> Shottisham, a total of 143 miles, and had 60 miles to spare!


  • Rear view visibility
    This was something that we struggled with. The rear view window is very small and with the windows it was very difficult to see properly, resulting in an uneasy feeling of position when reversing etc.

  • Heat of Sensor Screen
    During the drive the infotainment touchscreens heat up quite a lot, which (although likely not a problem) stills feels slightly unnerving.

  • Manual stopping
    Whereas most EVs will stop completely once you break to a full stop, even once you take your foot off the break pedal, the I-PACE often rolled back-/forwards and required us to keep our foot on the break. This isn’t really a problem… we’re just very lazy and would prefer it to stay put without us doing anything!

So - there we have it. The cons nowhere near outweigh the pros and the I-PACE is an amazing EV. The experience of driving it around for 4 days has been electrifying and very cool indeed! If you’re interested in the I-PACE and want to book a test drive just click here and you’ll be redirected.

After all, EVs are the future.


Written by Charlotte Dautzenberg