Why Hotels should think about EV charging


Going on vacation is always exciting, but the process of planning your trip can be quite exhausting, especially if you’re an EV driver. Trying to incorporate EV charging stations into your route can be quite a frustrating process due to the lack of hotels that actually have them. Finding a place where both you and your EV can recharge your batteries should not be this hard! So, other than making our lives that little bit easier, why should hotels think about having EV charging stations installed? Let’s take a quick look…

It puts you on the map…


When you install a public charging unit, you are put straight on the map. This means that when individuals look for a charging point, your business will show up on the map as a location that provides electric vehicle charging. Not only would your hotel appear on ZapMap, which lists all charging stations in the UK, but it would also appear on various EV Network’s own maps. This way you truly become a destination.

New clientele…


Additionally, having EV charge points at your hotel or holiday let will attract a whole new group of clientele. People who were previously unable to visit this location because of the lack of charging opportunities will now have access through hotel. Particularly in remote locations, where there are very few charging stations available, this will enable EV drivers to stay with you without having to worry about where their next charge will come from. And if you are the first business in the area to install public charging you have the advantage of being the only location that’s offering it - EV drivers will have to come to you. They can explore the area all day long and know that their EV can charge overnight, ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

Once this has attracted your new customers it is up to you to make the stay as incredible as possible so they come back again - and they will! Because of the lack of charging opportunities in many areas, people who drive EV’s will often come back to the same place, knowing they can charge and have a great stay. But you’ll have to be quick… because more and more places are installing charging units, which means your chance to stand out is now!

You can make profit…


Another great reason (the list is long) for installing an EV charging station is the profits you can make through it. A charging unit is an expensive investment, that’s clear, but it doesn’t have to be. You decide the tariff on the electricity, which means that when people charge and you make more than your daily rate for the charger, the profit is given straight back to your company. Whereas hotels that have consistent trade all year round might see profit more consistently, this doesn’t mean that businesses such as holiday lets, which might see more trade in the summer months and little in the winter, don’t make as much profit. In these cases, the summer months may well make up for the ‘loss’ in the winter. So essentially the charger is paying for itself.

Best of all… it’s GREAT for the environment!


I mean…. this has got to be the best thing about electric charging! Especially in our current climate crisis, demonstrating that you are doing something for cleaner air and a greener future has no cons. By having a public EV charging station, you are telling people that you are thinking green and thinking ahead, which is an attractive feature to have. It’s a bit like adding a gym to your hotel… but much less exhausting!


If you are looking for places to stay, check out Pride of Britain Hotels for UK based hotels with Electric charging, or Chargehotels for a worldwide selection of EV friendly hotels.


Written by Charlotte Dautzenberg