Re-charging at Ufford Park

It’s been a little while since we last sat down and chatted to a #gamechanger for our Blog - so it’s high time we heard from someone who is working for a greener planet again! This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Max Moussa, the manager of Ufford Park Hotel in Melton. Ufford Park have had their very own EV charge point on the EV Driver Network for just over a year now and we were eager to hear, first hand, about what it’s been like to have a charge point at their Hotel. So, let’s dive right in…

Ufford Park in the glorious Autumn sun

Ufford Park in the glorious Autumn sun

Let’s start at the beginning - what was it that initially enticed you to get an EV charge point installed at Ufford Park?

The prime reason for getting a charge point (CP) installed at our Hotel, was due to customer demand, which had gradually become more and more over the years. Seeing as we are a busy hotel and the number in EVs is constantly rising we decided it would be the most logical next step to install a CP.


Makes sense to us! What do your customers think of having a CP? Any positive feedback?


Brilliant! The feedback that we’ve received from customers has all been very positive, both with people who already knew about the CP, as well as with people who came across it for the first time. As it is situated in a position that is passed by our guests to get to the reception it is highly visible and frequently commented on. People become aware and bear in mind that Ufford Park offers this facility.


That’s good to hear! Have you seen an increase in business as a result of the charger?

We’ve definitely seen an increase in business as a result of the CP. We have had inquiries of whether EV charging is something that we can offer, in which case we are chosen as the preferable location in comparison to other hotels in the area who do not offer this facility. Similarly, EV drivers now choose Ufford Park for their golfing, lunches, coffee and general leisure, as they know they can recharge their car whilst they themselves recharge on the golf course, spa or restaurant. It brings people out to us and the repeat business from local EV drivers has also been noticeable. Naturally this increases our trade at the same time.


Has having the charger at your hotel changed your view on Hotels having EV charging? Would you say it’s a good investment to make?

EVs are the future - so, yes. I think it’s confirmed to me the fact that hotels should be able to offer charging to their guests. We really do believe that the CP is a great investment because we know that EVs are the future and CPs are continuously growing in demand. It’s a facility that more and more people are looking at as a requirement. And at this stage, having a CP installed at your Hotel makes you stand out above your competition, which has very much proven itself through Ufford Park being chosen above other hotels in the area thanks to our CP.

Electric Charging Point 2.jpeg

EVs certainly are the future! What’s your favourite thing about the charger?

That’s easy - it’s idiot proof! It’s so user friendly and we don’t have to spend any time worrying about it. Initially I was a little apprehensive about working it and how we would deal with having to instruct drivers or fixing it if anything went wrong, but in the entire time we’ve had there’s only been one problem which was fixed very quickly. The user friendly nature of the CP means that it isn’t a chore. We don’t have to do anything and it’s helping the environment - win win!


Win win indeed! And finally, would you recommend that Hotels get EV charge points?

Green parking spaces for green drivers!

Green parking spaces for green drivers!

Yes!! Without a shadow of a doubt. Why wouldn’t you? The support is there, giving you peace of mind. People are needing them more and more and in the end you will have to get one anyway. So why not get ahead of the game?

A very big THANK YOU to Max for sitting down and having a chat about Ufford Park’s experience with their CP. Hopefully this encourages others to go electric!


Interview by Charlotte Dautzenberg