How to: Planning an electric road trip

Planning a road trip is hard work, but adding an EV to the equation can make the process a lot more daunting. Because of the added aspect of having to charge your car to be able to get anywhere, there is a little more rigorous journey planning involved. To give you some tips and tricks, we’ve put together

Re-charging at Ufford Park

Re-charging at Ufford Park

It’s been a little while since we last sat down and chatted to a #gamechanger for our Blog - so it’s high time we heard from someone who is working for a greener planet again! This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Max Moussa, the manager of Ufford Park Hotel in Melton. Ufford Park have had

Why Hotels should think about EV charging

Trying to incorporate EV charging stations into your route can be quite a frustrating process due to the lack of hotels that actually have them. Finding a place where both you and your EV can recharge your batteries should not be this hard! So, other than making our lives that little bit easier, why should hotels think about having EV charging stations installed? Let’s take a quick look…